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Catching Up Post III

August 16, 2011

H and I were once laughing about memory and how mistaken we can be about what sticks and what doesn’t. When Jane was about 6 months old, we took her to visit her grandparents. And of course lots of notes were compared, Jane’s babyhood versus H’s.

 We couldn’t believe the things Jane’s grandmother couldn’t remember about raising her own babies, we’d never forget these magic moments. They are seared SEARED into our memories. At least I think they were, I can’t remember the specifics.

Looking through old notes to make these catch up posts, I see extended periods where I didn’t record much, which I expect means the things I recorded were important at the time. So what am I to do with this?

 7/17/10 Very intense baby, observant. Remember where she was when Kennedy was shot—the lettuce was slightly wilted.

I even remember the observation and thinking there was something quite clever about it. No, I wasn’t stoned.

This one seems more straightforward.

7/4/10 TV and cookies is all she says. Speech isn’t always better, sometimes crying impotently is preferable.

I can easily picture her “Want TV!’ “Want cookies!” How many times can you say that? She can say it more. At least when she couldn’t talk, everything was supposed to sound the same. Now it sounds the same because it is.

Here’s some undated stuff that looks quite old:

Her teeth are coming in, one at a time with no concern for artistic balance or aesthetics, her smile leaves her looking like a retarded Dracula.

And then, apparently three months later:

She’ll sit and grind her teeth as a hobby, not absentmindedly, but consciously, determinedly, with satisfaction. Like she’s still pleased to have teeth at all.

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