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The Return of the Princess (Catching Up Post I)

February 21, 2011


I’ve missed 13 months of Jane updates. Since the hiatus was unplanned, with weekly extensions granted weekly, I’ve kept some notes for posts that never got made. For instance:

1/3/2010 Jane is developing a sense of humor? She babbled a bit and laughed out loud, babbled some more and laughed out loud again. If I know my daughter, it involved a clumsy person and a banana peel.

1/9/2010 Jane climbed on the couch this morning and put a marker to the wall behind. So it’s begun…

1/21/2010 Jane handed me the phone today when someone called. I was washing dishes and didn’t intend to answer it, but here she is at my feet, all 18 months and about 18 pounds of her holding up the phone, so I have to take it…don’t I? I was pleased and annoyed at the same time.

Then whatever momentum carried me through the season of the knife petered out as we shifted to the season of the chemo (not my season, nor Jane’s, but that of someone nearby). After that, even a sentence or two, here or there, became too much and the trail does not pick up again until July.

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