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Three Years Ago Today

July 9, 2011

From: Timothy Maguire
Sent: Jul 9, 2008 4:21 AM
Subject: Jane’s a Cancer!

To all Singers, Maguires, and Friends:

It looks like this is it. It’s now about 4:20 AM. Heidi went in to labor around 2:30 this morning. We just called the doctor and he said to come to the hospital. I think he’s a bit of a quack, but we’re getting ready to go. Jane is early, but only by a few days so there is no concern there.

Will follow up with details.

From:“Timothy Maguire”
Sent:07/09/2008 09:22 PM
Subject:Follow up on Baby Jane

When we last left you, it was 4:20 this morning and we were heading to the hospital. We showed up sometime after 5:00 AM (not sure exactly when because I was using my watch to time contractions, resetting it every time a new one started) and Heidi’s water broke on the sidewalk right in front of the hospital. Perfect timing! I dropped her off in the maternity ward and they sent me downstairs to do some paperwork. When I got back, Heidi was in triage, her doctor was in surgery and the resident was doing a cesarean, so no doctor had examined her yet and we had to wait for one to come free and look in on her before they could give her any painkillers.

Very quickly, the contractions got painful and she said she needed to push so I ran out to get the nurse, grab a doctor, get somebody in there and as I was heading out the door, a doctor was heading in Perfect timing! He examined her and said “you’re fully dilated and the baby is crowning.” No time for an epidural or any other painkiller, she was giving birth right then! They wheeled her down the hall to a birthing room and her doctor showed up as we got there. 10 minutes of extreme unpleasantness later, Jane popped out about an hour after we walked in the door and 3:50 after contractions started. Maybe not a record, but close. I really think that if we were running five minutes later, I would have had to do the delivery in the backseat of the car.

So Jane Astrid Wednesday Singer Maguire was born at 6:20 this morning, 5 lbs 14 ozs, 19 inches. Since it went so quickly and Heidi felt better immediately (still very sore, but all things considered…), we hope to bring her and Jane home tomorrow. We’ll find out in the morning if the doctor clears them.

Attached are pictures. Thanks to Tracey, Sara, Allison and Joe for coming out to the hospital to visit and help keep Heidi company!



Three Years Ago Today

And now, today:

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